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Title Number
Naracoorte Town Square Act 2005 2005-18
National Electricity (South Australia) (Australian Energy Regulator—Wholesale Market Monitoring) Amendment Act 2016 2016-56
National Electricity (South Australia) (Consumer Data Right) Amendment Act 2022 2022-16
National Electricity (South Australia) (National Electricity Law—Australian Energy Market Operator) Amendment Act 2009 2009-31
National Electricity (South Australia) (National Electricity Law—Miscellaneous Amendments) Amendment Act 2007 2007-53
National Electricity (South Australia) (New National Electricity Law) Amendment Act 2005 2005-14
National Electricity (South Australia) (New Penalty) Amendment Act 2003 2003-51
National Electricity (South Australia) (Retailer Reliability Obligation) Amendment Act 2019 2019-10
National Electricity (South Australia) (Smart Meters) Amendment Act 2009 2009-54
National Energy Retail Law (South Australia) Act 2011 2011-6
National Energy Retail Law (South Australia) (Implementation) Amendment Act 2012 2012-16
National Environment Protection Council (South Australia) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2003 2003-58
National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008 2008-19
National Gas (South Australia) (Capacity Trading and Auctions) Amendment Act 2018 2018-23
National Gas (South Australia) (Gas Trading Exchanges) Amendment Act 2013 2013-54
National Gas (South Australia) (Market Transparency) Amendment Act 2022 2022-3
National Gas (South Australia) (National Gas Law—Australian Energy Market Operator) Amendment Act 2009 2009-30
National Gas (South Australia) (Pipelines Access—Arbitration) Amendment Act 2017 2017-23
National Gas (South Australia) (Short Term Trading Market) Amendment Act 2009 2009-46
National Health Funding Pool Administration (South Australia) Act 2012 2012-30
National Parks and Wildlife (Co-managed Parks) Amendment Act 2017 2017-2
National Parks and Wildlife (Innamincka Regional Reserve) Amendment Act 2003 2003-63
National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2018 2018-15
National Tax Reform (State Provisions) (Administrative Penalties) Amendment Act 2013 2013-22
National Wine Centre (Restructuring and Leasing Arrangements) (University of Adelaide) Amendment Act 2003 2003-30
Native Vegetation (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2013 2013-80
Natural Gas Authority (Notice of Works) Amendment Act 2015 2015-12
Natural Resources Management Act 2004 2004-34
Natural Resources Management (Commercial Forests) Amendment Act 2011 2011-44
Natural Resources Management (Extension of Terms of Office) Amendment Act 2007 2007-3
Natural Resources Management (Review) Amendment Act 2013 2013-29
Natural Resources Management (Transfer of Water Licences) Amendment Act 2006 2006-12
Natural Resources Management (Water Resources and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2007 2007-24
New Women's and Children's Hospital Act 2022 2022-19
Notaries Public Act 2016 2016-42
Not-for-Profit Sector Freedom to Advocate Act 2013 2013-46
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2003 2003-1
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2003 2003-22
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Public Money) Amendment Act 2016 2016-17
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Public Money) Amendment Act 2017 2017-60
Nurses (Nurses Board Vacancies) Amendment Act 2003 2003-20
Nursing and Midwifery Practice Act 2008 2008-50

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