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As made Acts are in the form in which they were initially made (amendments are not incorporated). See As made (numbered) legislation for more.

In the case of principal Acts, the link is to the home page for the Act. If the Act has been varied, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the Act as initially made.

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Title Number
Naracoorte Town Square Act 2005 2005-18
National Electricity (South Australia) (Australian Energy Regulator—Wholesale Market Monitoring) Amendment Act 2016 2016-56
National Electricity (South Australia) (National Electricity Law—Australian Energy Market Operator) Amendment Act 2009 2009-31
National Electricity (South Australia) (National Electricity Law—Miscellaneous Amendments) Amendment Act 2007 2007-53
National Electricity (South Australia) (New National Electricity Law) Amendment Act 2005 2005-14
National Electricity (South Australia) (New Penalty) Amendment Act 2003 2003-51
National Electricity (South Australia) (Retailer Reliability Obligation) Amendment Act 2019 2019-10
National Electricity (South Australia) (Smart Meters) Amendment Act 2009 2009-54
National Energy Retail Law (South Australia) Act 2011 2011-6
National Energy Retail Law (South Australia) (Implementation) Amendment Act 2012 2012-16
National Environment Protection Council (South Australia) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2003 2003-58
National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008 2008-19
National Gas (South Australia) (Capacity Trading and Auctions) Amendment Act 2018 2018-23
National Gas (South Australia) (Gas Trading Exchanges) Amendment Act 2013 2013-54
National Gas (South Australia) (National Gas Law—Australian Energy Market Operator) Amendment Act 2009 2009-30
National Gas (South Australia) (Pipelines Access—Arbitration) Amendment Act 2017 2017-23
National Gas (South Australia) (Short Term Trading Market) Amendment Act 2009 2009-46
National Health Funding Pool Administration (South Australia) Act 2012 2012-30
National Parks and Wildlife (Co-managed Parks) Amendment Act 2017 2017-2
National Parks and Wildlife (Innamincka Regional Reserve) Amendment Act 2003 2003-63
National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2018 2018-15
National Tax Reform (State Provisions) (Administrative Penalties) Amendment Act 2013 2013-22
National Wine Centre (Restructuring and Leasing Arrangements) (University of Adelaide) Amendment Act 2003 2003-30
Native Vegetation (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2013 2013-80
Natural Gas Authority (Notice of Works) Amendment Act 2015 2015-12
Natural Resources Management Act 2004 2004-34
Natural Resources Management (Commercial Forests) Amendment Act 2011 2011-44
Natural Resources Management (Extension of Terms of Office) Amendment Act 2007 2007-3
Natural Resources Management (Review) Amendment Act 2013 2013-29
Natural Resources Management (Transfer of Water Licences) Amendment Act 2006 2006-12
Natural Resources Management (Water Resources and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2007 2007-24
Notaries Public Act 2016 2016-42
Not-for-Profit Sector Freedom to Advocate Act 2013 2013-46
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2003 2003-1
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2003 2003-22
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Public Money) Amendment Act 2016 2016-17
Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Public Money) Amendment Act 2017 2017-60
Nurses (Nurses Board Vacancies) Amendment Act 2003 2003-20
Nursing and Midwifery Practice Act 2008 2008-50

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