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In the case of principal Acts, the link is to the home page for the Act. If the Act has been varied, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the Act as initially made.

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Title Number
Radiation Protection and Control Act 2021 2021-4
Radiation Protection and Control (Licences and Registration) Amendment Act 2011 2011-39
Rail Commissioner Act 2009 2009-51
Rail Commissioner (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2011 2011-19
Rail Safety Act 2007 2007-46
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012 2012-14
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Alcohol and Drug Offence) Amendment Act 2021 2021-30
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2015 2015-5
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2019 2019-4
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Miscellaneous No 2) Amendment Act 2016 2016-31
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Miscellaneous No 3) Amendment Act 2017 2017-14
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Rail Safety Work) Amendment Act 2020 2020-17
Rail Safety (Safety Coordination) Amendment Act 2011 2011-12
Railways (Operations and Access) (Access Regime Review) Amendment Act 2011 2011-42
Railways (Operations and Access) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-10
Railways (Operations and Access) (Regulator) Amendment Act 2005 2005-16
Real Property (Access to Information) Amendment Act 2012 2012-35
Real Property (Electronic Conveyancing) Amendment Act 2016 2016-29
Real Property (Priority Notices and Other Measures) Amendment Act 2015 2015-4
Recreational Services (Limitation of Liability) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2005 2005-27
Recreation Grounds (Regulations) (Penalties) Amendment Act 2010 2010-25
Relationships Register Act 2016 2016-67
Renmark Irrigation Trust Act 2009 2009-14
Reproductive Technology (Clinical Practices) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2009 2009-43
Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2003 2003-18
Residential Parks Act 2007 2007-19
Residential Parks (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2019 2019-1
Residential Tenancies (Domestic Violence Protections) Amendment Act 2015 2015-43
Residential Tenancies (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2013 2013-13
Residential Tenancies (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2016 2016-45
Retail and Commercial Leases (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2019 2019-47
Retirement Villages Act 2016 2016-50
Retirement Villages (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2005 2005-67
Return to Work Act 2014 2014-16
River Murray Act 2003 2003-35
River Murray (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2005 2005-58
River Torrens Linear Park Act 2006 2006-7
River Torrens Linear Park (Linear Parks) Amendment Act 2009 2009-80
Road Traffic (Average Speed) Amendment Act 2012 2012-23
Road Traffic (Drug Driving) Amendment Act 2005 2005-77
Road Traffic (Emergency Service Speed Zones) Amendment Act 2013 2013-25
Road Traffic (Evidentiary Provisions) Amendment Act 2018 2018-41
Road Traffic (Excessive Speed) Amendment Act 2005 2005-23
Road Traffic (Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue) Amendment Act 2008 2008-22
Road Traffic (Issue of Free Tickets by Parking Ticket-Vending Machines) Amendment Act 2016 2016-5
Road Traffic (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2009 2009-41
Road Traffic (Notices of Licence Disqualification or Suspension) Amendment Act 2006 2006-39
Road Traffic (Red Light Offences) Amendment Act 2011 2011-50
Road Traffic (Roadworks) Amendment Act 2017 2017-12
Road Traffic (Use of Test and Analysis Results) Amendment Act 2010 2010-26
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide Charitable Trust (Membership of Trust) Amendment Act 2014 2014-24
Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) (Amendment of Indenture) Amendment Act 2011 2011-49

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