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Gambling Administration Act 1995  - Ceased
Gambling Administration Act 2019
Gaming Machines Act 1992
Gaming Offences Act 1936
Gaming Supervisory Authority Act 1995  - Ceased
Garden Produce (Regulation of Delivery) Act 1967  - Ceased
Garden Suburb Act 1919  - Ceased
Gas Act 1924  - Ceased
Gas Act 1988  - Ceased
Gas Act 1997
Gas Pipelines Access (South Australia) Act 1997  - Ceased
The Gawler to Angaston Railway Act 1907  - Act of limited application
The Gawler Town Railway Further Extension Act to Section 1403  - Act of limited application
General Tramways Act 1884
Gene Technology Act 2001
Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004
Genetically Modified Crops Management Regulations (Postponement of Expiry) Act 2017  - Ceased
Geographical Names Act 1969  - Ceased
Geographical Names Act 1991
Gift Duty Act 1968  - Ceased
The Gladstone and James Town Railway Act 1876  - Act of limited application
Gladstone and Laura Railway Act 1882  - Act of limited application
Gladstone Park Lands Act 1880  - Act of limited application
Glanville to Semaphore Railway (Discontinuance) Act 1978  - Act of limited application
Glenelg Railway Act Further Amendment Act 1889  - Act of limited application
The Glenelg Railways Purchase Act 1899  - Act of limited application
Glenelg Soldiers' Memorial Site Act 1921  - Act of limited application
Gold Buyers Act 1916  - Ceased
Gold Buyers Act Repeal Act 1976
Golden Grove (Indenture Ratification) Act 1984
Goods Securities Act 1986  - Ceased
Goods (Trade Descriptions) Act 1935  - Ceased
The Goodwood to Willunga Railway Act 1909  - Act of limited application
The Goodwood to Willunga Railway Act 1910  - Act of limited application
The Goodwood to Willunga Railway (Alteration of Terminus) Act 1970  - Act of limited application
The Goolwa Loop Line Railway Act 1913  - Act of limited application
Government Business Enterprises (Competition) Act 1996
Government Financing Authority Act 1982
Government House Domain Dedication Act 1927  - Ceased  - Act of limited application
Government House Precinct Land Dedication Act 2016
Government Management and Employment Act 1985  - Ceased
Governors' Pensions Act 1976
Graffiti Control Act 2001
The Grange and Henley Beach Railway Act 1898  - Act of limited application
The Grange and Henley Beach Railway Alteration Act 1911  - Act of limited application
Grange and Military Road Railway Act 1878  - Act of limited application
Green Industries SA Act 2004
Groundwater (Border Agreement) Act 1985
Ground Water (Qualco-Sunlands) Control Act 2000
The Guaranteed Railways Acts Amendment Act 1913  - Act of limited application
Guardianship and Administration Act 1993
Guardianship of Infants Act 1940

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