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Racial Discrimination Act 1976  - Ceased
Racial Vilification Act 1996
Racing Act 1976  - Ceased
Racing (Proprietary Business Licensing) Act 2000  - Ceased
Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982
Radiation Protection and Control Act 2021
Rail Commissioner Act 2009
Rail Safety Act 1996  - Ceased
Rail Safety Act 2007  - Ceased
Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012
Rail Transport Facilitation Fund Act 2001
Railway Agreement (Adelaide to Crystal Brook Railway) Act 1980  - Act of limited application
The Railway and Corporation Lands Act 1904  - Act of limited application
Railway Crossings (Bowden) Act 1922  - Act of limited application
The Railway Deviations Act 1896  - Act of limited application
Railways Act 1936  - Ceased
Railways Guarantees Abolition Act 1917  - Act of limited application
Railways (Operations and Access) Act 1997
Railways Standardisation Agreement Act 1949  - Act of limited application
Railways Standardisation Agreement (Cockburn to Broken Hill) Act 1968  - Act of limited application
Railways Transfer Act 1927  - Act of limited application
Railways (Transfer Agreement) Act 1975
The Ramco Heights Irrigation Act 1963  - Ceased
Rates and Land Tax Remission Act 1986
Rates and Taxes Remission Act 1974  - Ceased
Real Property Act 1886
Real Property (Commonwealth Titles) Act 1924
Real Property (Foreign Governments) Act 1950
Real Property (Registration of Titles) Act 1945
Recreational Greenways Act 2000
Recreational Services (Limitation of Liability) Act 2002  - Ceased
Recreation Grounds (Joint Schemes) Act 1947
Recreation Grounds Rates and Taxes Exemption Act 1981
Recreation Grounds (Regulations) Act 1931
The Recreation Grounds Taxation Exemption Act 1910  - Ceased
Red Cliff Land Vesting Act 1973  - Ceased
Redhill to Port Augusta Railway Agreement Act 1935  - Act of limited application
Red Scale Control Act 1962  - Ceased
Redundant Officers Fund Act 1936  - Ceased
Referendum (Daylight Saving) Act 1982  - Ceased  - Act of limited application
Referendum (Electoral Redistribution) Act 1990  - Act of limited application
Referendum (Metropolitan Area Shop Trading Hours) Act 1970  - Act of limited application
Regional Cultural Centres Act 1976  - Ceased
Registration of Deeds Act 1935
Registration of Dogs Act 1924  - Ceased
Relationships Register Act 2016
Remuneration Act 1985  - Ceased
Remuneration Act 1990
Renmark Irrigation Trust Act 1936  - Ceased
Renmark Irrigation Trust Act 2009
Renmark to Barmera Railway Act 1925  - Act of limited application
Reproductive Technology Act 1988
Reproductive Technology (Clinical Practices) Act 1988
Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2003
Residential Parks Act 2007
Residential Tenancies Act 1978  - Ceased
Residential Tenancies Act 1995
Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995
Retail Shop Leases Act 1995
Retirement Villages Act 1987  - Ceased
Retirement Villages Act 2016
Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial League Club (Licensing) Act 1934  - Act of limited application
Returned Services Badges Act 1952
Return to Work Act 2014
Return to Work Corporation of South Australia Act 1994
Reynella Oval (Vesting) Act 1973  - Ceased
Riverbank Act 1997
Riverland Co-operatives (Exemption from Stamp Duty) Act 1982  - Act of limited application
River Murray Act 2003
River Murray Navigation Company Act 1853  - Act of limited application
River Murray Waters Act 1935  - Ceased
River Murray Waters Act 1983  - Ceased
River Murray Waters Agreement Supplemental Agreement Act 1963
River Murray Waters (Dartmouth Reservoir) Act 1971
The Riverton to Spalding Railway Act 1913  - Act of limited application
River Torrens Acquisition Act 1970  - Ceased
River Torrens (Linear Park) Act 1981  - Ceased
River Torrens Linear Park Act 2006
River Torrens (Prohibition of Excavations) Act 1927  - Ceased
River Torrens Protection Act 1949  - Ceased
Rivoli Bay North and Mount Gambier Railway Act 1876  - Act of limited application
Road and Railway Transport Act 1930  - Act of limited application
Road Charges (Refunds) Act 1958  - Act of limited application
Road (Hundred of Macdonnell) Acquisition Act 1923  - Act of limited application
Road Maintenance (Contribution) Act 1963  - Ceased
Roads Loan Act 1923  - Act of limited application
Roads (Magill Home and Yatala Quarry) Acquisition Act 1915  - Act of limited application
Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1932  - Ceased
Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991
Road (Thebarton State School) Acquisition Act 1918  - Act of limited application
Road Traffic Act 1961
Road Transport Administration (Barring of Claims) Act 1954  - Act of limited application
Road (Wirrabara Forest) Acquisition Act 1917  - Act of limited application
The Robertson Railway Act 1911  - Act of limited application
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide Charitable Trust Act 1981
Roseworthy Agricultural College Act 1973  - Ceased
Roseworthy to Forrester's Railway Act 1866  - Act of limited application
Rowland Flat War Memorial Hall Incorporated Act 1966  - Act of limited application
Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982
Royal Commissions Act 1917
Royal Institution for the Blind Act 1934  - Act of limited application
Royal Society for the Blind of South Australia Act 1934  - Act of limited application
Royal Style and Titles Act 1973
RSL Memorial Hall Trust Act 1997  - Act of limited application
Rundle Street Mall Act 1975  - Ceased
Rural Advances Guarantee Act 1963
Rural Industry Adjustment and Development Act 1985
Rural Industry Adjustment (Ratification of Agreement) Act 1990  - Ceased
Rural Industry Assistance Act 1977  - Ceased
Rural Industry Assistance Act 1985  - Ceased
Rural Industry Assistance (Ratification of Agreement) Act 1985  - Ceased  - Act of limited application
Rural Industry Assistance (Special Provisions) Act 1971  - Ceased

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