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Acts of the Parliament of South Australia

In the case of a principal (rather than amending) Act, the link is to the home page for the Act. If the Act has been amended, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the Act as initially enacted.

As enacted 2003+

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Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Platform (Civil Liability) Act 20052005-66
Carers Recognition Act 20052005-55
Character Preservation (Barossa Valley) Act 20122012-38
Character Preservation (McLaren Vale) Act 20122012-39
Chicken Meat Industry Act 20032003-26
Chicken Meat Industry (Arbitration) Amendment Act 20042004-32
Children and Young People (Oversight and Advocacy Bodies) Act 20162016-48
Children and Young People (Safety) Act 20172017-25
Children and Young People (Safety) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20182018-17
Children's Protection (Implementation of Coroner's Recommendations) Amendment Act 20162016-15
Children's Protection (Implementation of Report Recommendations) Amendment Act 20092009-65
Children's Protection Law Reform (Transitional Arrangements and Related Amendments) Act 20172017-64
Children's Protection (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20052005-76
Children's Protection (Notification) Amendment Act 20132013-72
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Act 20162016-49
Child Sex Offenders Registration Act 20062006-32
Child Sex Offenders Registration (Control Orders and Other Measures) Amendment Act 20142014-6
Child Sex Offenders Registration (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20132013-41
Child Sex Offenders Registration (Registration of Internet Activities) Amendment Act 20092009-10
Chiropractic and Osteopathy Practice Act 20052005-30
Citrus Industry Act 20052005-42
Citrus Industry (Winding up) Amendment Act 20122012-32
City of Adelaide (Representation Review) Amendment Act 20062006-6
Civil Liability (Disclosure of Information) Amendment Act 20142014-19
Civil Liability (Food Donors and Distributors) Amendment Act 20082008-51
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Classification Process) Amendment Act 20082008-39
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Exemptions and Approvals) Amendment Act 20112011-2
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20152015-26
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (R 18+ Computer Games) Amendment Act 20122012-41
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (R 18+ Films) Amendment Act 20092009-67
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Types of Classifications) Amendment Act 20052005-2
Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 20072007-22
Collections for Charitable Purposes (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20072007-41
Commercial Arbitration Act 20112011-32
Commissioner for Kangaroo Island Act 20142014-15
Commission of Inquiry (Children in State Care) Act 20042004-33
Commission of Inquiry (Children in State Care) (Children on APY Lands) Amendment Act 20072007-21
Commission of Inquiry (Children in State Care) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20042004-43
Commission of Inquiry (Children in State Care) (Privileges and Immunities) Amendment Act 20062006-18
Commonwealth Powers (De Facto Relationships) Act 20092009-86
Community Based Sentences (Interstate Transfer) Act 20152015-45
Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Act 20132013-65
Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 20162016-16
Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care (Prescribed Forms) Amendment Act 20042004-12
Constitution (Appointments) Act 20092009-55
Constitution (Casual Vacancies and Gender Neutral Language) Amendment Act 20032003-6
Constitution (Demise of the Crown) Amendment Act 20162016-53
Constitution (Electoral Redistribution) (Appeals) Amendment Act 20172017-66
Constitution (Governor's Salary) Amendment Act 20152015-29
Constitution (One Vote One Value) Amendment Act 20172017-65
Constitution (Recognition of Aboriginal Peoples) Amendment Act 20132013-8
Construction Industry Long Service Leave (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20122012-48
Construction Industry Training Fund (Board) Amendment Act 20192019-2
Controlled Substances (Confidentiality and Other Matters) Amendment Act 20202020-28
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Cannabis) Amendment Act 20082008-32
Controlled Substances (Drug Detection Powers) Amendment Act 20082008-33
Controlled Substances (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20102010-17
Controlled Substances (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20162016-52
Controlled Substances (Offences) Amendment Act 20132013-84
Controlled Substances (Offences Relating to Instructions) Amendment Act 20112011-25
Controlled Substances (Poppy Cultivation) Amendment Act 20152015-42
Controlled Substances (Possession of Prescribed Equipment) Amendment Act 20072007-50
Controlled Substances (Repeal of Sunset Provision) Amendment Act 20042004-48
Controlled Substances (Serious Drug Offences) Amendment Act 20052005-80
Controlled Substances (Simple Possession Offences) Amendment Act 20152015-38
Controlled Substances (Therapeutic Goods and Other Matters) Amendment Act 20112011-3
Controlled Substances (Youth Treatment Orders) Amendment Act 20192019-34
Conveyancers (Corporate Structures) Amendment Act 20042004-26
Co-operatives National Law (South Australia) Act 20132013-14
Cooper Basin (Ratification) Amendment Act 20032003-43
Coroners Act 20032003-33
Coroners (Inquests and Privilege) Amendment Act 20212021-10
Coroners (Reportable Death) Amendment Act 20112011-18
Coroners (Undetermined Natural Causes) Amendment Act 20202020-6
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) (Extension of Period of References) Amendment Act 20052005-59
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) (Termination Day) Amendment Act 20112011-17
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) (Termination Day) Amendment Act 20162016-22
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) (Termination Day) Amendment Act 20212021-24
Correctional Services (Accountability and Other Measures) Amendment Act 20212021-12
Correctional Services (Application of Truth in Sentencing) Amendment Act 20082008-31
Correctional Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20052005-1
Correctional Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20072007-26
Correctional Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20092009-63
Correctional Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20122012-24
Correctional Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20182018-28
Correctional Services (Parole) Amendment Act 20052005-46
Correctional Services (Parole) Amendment Act 20152015-17
COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 20202020-7
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Bail) Amendment Act 20202020-9
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Expiry) Amendment Act 20212021-1
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Expiry and Rent) Amendment Act 20202020-30
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Expiry) (No 2) Amendment Act 20212021-19
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Expiry) (No 3) Amendment Act 20212021-34
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Further Measures) Amendment Act 20202020-14
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Further Measures) (No 2) Amendment Act 20202020-23
Credit (Commonwealth Powers) Act 20102010-2
Credit (Transitional Arrangements) Act 20102010-3
Criminal Assets Confiscation Act 20052005-19
Criminal Assets Confiscation (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20132013-57
Criminal Assets Confiscation (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20182018-11
Criminal Assets Confiscation (Prescribed Drug Offenders) Amendment Act 20162016-37
Criminal Assets Confiscation (Serious Offences) Amendment Act 20072007-43
Criminal Investigation (Covert Operations) Act 20092009-7
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Act 20072007-29
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20092009-74
Criminal Law Consolidation (Abolition of Time Limit for Prosecution of Certain Sexual Offences) Amendment Act 20032003-14
Criminal Law Consolidation (Assaults on Prescribed Emergency Workers) Amendment Act 20192019-17
Criminal Law Consolidation (Bushfires) Amendment Act 20212021-33
Criminal Law Consolidation (Causing Death by Use of Motor Vehicle) Amendment Act 20212021-11
Criminal Law Consolidation (Cheating at Gambling) Amendment Act 20132013-7
Criminal Law Consolidation (Child-Like Sex Dolls Prohibition) Amendment Act 20192019-26
Criminal Law Consolidation (Child Pornography) Amendment Act 20042004-52
Criminal Law Consolidation (Child Pornography) Amendment Act 20112011-43
Criminal Law Consolidation (Children and Vulnerable Adults) Amendment Act 20182018-6
Criminal Law Consolidation (Criminal Neglect) Amendment Act 20052005-4
Criminal Law Consolidation (Criminal Organisations) Amendment Act 20172017-47
Criminal Law Consolidation (Dangerous Driving) Amendment Act 20062006-14
Criminal Law Consolidation (Dishonest Communication with Children) Amendment Act 20182018-4
Criminal Law Consolidation (Double Jeopardy) Amendment Act 20082008-28
Criminal Law Consolidation (Drink Spiking) Amendment Act 20072007-1
Criminal Law Consolidation (Driving at Extreme Speed) Amendment Act 20212021-28
Criminal Law Consolidation (False or Misleading Information) Amendment Act 20192019-36
Criminal Law Consolidation (Foster Parents and Other Positions of Authority) Amendment Act 20192019-6
Criminal Law Consolidation (Identity Theft) Amendment Act 20032003-60
Criminal Law Consolidation (Instruments of Crime) Amendment Act 20052005-63
Criminal Law Consolidation (Intoxication) Amendment Act 20042004-40
Criminal Law Consolidation (Looting) Amendment Act 20122012-10
Criminal Law Consolidation (Mental Impairment) Amendment Act 20172017-19
Criminal Law Consolidation (Protection for Working Animals) Amendment Act 20132013-83
Criminal Law Consolidation (Rape and Sexual Offences) Amendment Act 20082008-10
Criminal Law Consolidation (Self Defence) Amendment Act 20032003-28
Criminal Law Consolidation (Sexual Offences—Cognitive Impairment) Amendment Act 20142014-23
Criminal Law Consolidation (Throwing Objects at Vehicles) Amendment Act 20062006-9
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Act 20072007-5
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) (Blood Testing for Diseases) Amendment Act 20152015-11
Criminal Law (High Risk Offenders) Act 20152015-13
Criminal Law (High Risk Offenders) (Psychologists) Amendment Act 20192019-3
Criminal Law (Legal Representation) (Reimbursement of Commission) Amendment Act 20202020-16
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Character Evidence) Amendment Act 20142014-5
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Dangerous Offenders) Amendment Act 20072007-27
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Guilty Pleas) Amendment Act 20122012-49
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Sentences of Indeterminate Duration) Amendment Act 20132013-77
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Sentencing Guidelines) Amendment Act 20032003-29
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Sentencing Powers of Magistrates Court) Amendment Act 20112011-1
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Serious Repeat Offenders) Amendment Act 20032003-23
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Supergrass) Amendment Act 20122012-51
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Suspended Sentences) Amendment Act 20132013-53
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Suspended Sentences) Amendment Act 20142014-10
Criminal Procedure (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 20182018-9
Cross-border Justice Act 20092009-18
Crown Land Management Act 20092009-20
Crown Land Management (Section 78B Leases) Amendment Act 20192019-43
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