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Policies made under the Aquaculture Act 2001 (SA) or the Environment Protection Act 1993 (SA)

In the case of a principal (rather than amending) policy, the link is to the home page for the policy. If the policy has been amended, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the policy as initially made.

As made 2003+

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Aquaculture Cost Recovery Revocation Policy 201129.9.2011 p 4120
Aquaculture (Fitzgerald Bay Aquaculture Management) Amendment Policy 200625.5.2006 p 1452
Aquaculture Revocation Policy 20101.7.2010 p 3330
Aquaculture (Standard Lease Conditions) Amendment Policy 20084.12.2008 p 5358
Aquaculture (Standard Lease Conditions) Policy 20053.11.2005 p 3865
Aquaculture (Zones—Anxious Bay) Policy 20078.11.2007 p 4203
Aquaculture (Zones—Arno Bay) Policy 201129.9.2011 p 4115
Aquaculture (Zones—Cape D'Estrees) Policy 200630.11.2006 p 4157
Aquaculture (Zones—Coffin Bay) Policy 20082.10.2008 p 4729
Aquaculture (Zones—Eastern Spencer Gulf) Amendment Policy 200715.2.2007 p 504
Aquaculture (Zones—Eastern Spencer Gulf) Policy 200515.12.2005 p 4304
Aquaculture (Zones—Fitzgerald Bay) Policy 20084.12.2008 p 5342
Aquaculture (Zones—Lacepede Bay) Policy 201210.5.2012 p 1671
Aquaculture (Zones—Lower Eyre Peninsula No 2) Policy 200720.12.2007 p 4973
Aquaculture (Zones—Lower Eyre Peninsula) Policy 200718.1.2007 p 210
Aquaculture (Zones—Lower Eyre Peninsula) Policy 201314.2.2013 p 346
Aquaculture (Zones—Port Neill) Policy 20084.12.2008 p 5351
Aquaculture (Zones—Smoky Bay) Policy 20074.10.2007 p 3877
Aquaculture (Zones—Streaky Bay) Policy 201129.9.2011 p 4122
Aquaculture (Zones—Tumby Bay) Policy 201510.9.2015 p 4195
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Policies may also be amended by notice in the Gazette in certain circumstances.

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