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Regulations and rules made by the Governor of South Australia

In the case of principal (rather than variation) regulations or rules, the link is to the home page for the regulations or rules. If the regulations or rules have been varied, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the regulations or rules as initially made.

As made 2003+

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Aboriginal Heritage (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-89
Aboriginal Heritage (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-94
Aboriginal Heritage (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-134
Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 20172017-291
Aboriginal Lands Trust Regulations 20142014-32
Aboriginal Lands Trust (Umoona Community) Regulations 20072007-53
Aboriginal Lands Trust Variation Regulations 20182018-221
Aboriginal Lands Trust (Yalata Reserve) Regulations 20052005-183
Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Regulations 20052005-134
Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Regulations 20202020-256
Adelaide Festival Centre Trust Regulations 20072007-211
Adelaide Festival Centre Trust Variation Regulations 20112011-35
Adelaide Park Lands Regulations 20062006-237
Administration and Probate (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-90
Administration and Probate Regulations 20092009-222
Adoption (Fees) Regulations 20182018-228
Adoption (Fees) Regulations 20192019-110
Adoption (Fees) Revocation Regulations 20202020-173
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-98
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-121
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-92
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-136
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-44
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-60
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-88
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-124
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-88
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-91
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-59
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-102
Adoption (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-114
Adoption (General) (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-174
Adoption (General) Regulations 20182018-227
Adoption (General) Variation Regulations 20192019-208
Adoption (Qualifying Relationship) Variation Regulations 20172017-13
Adoption Regulations 20042004-148
Adoption (SACAT) Variation Regulations 20182018-174
Adoption Variation Regulations 20032003-107
Adoption Variation Regulations 20042004-116
Adoption Variation Regulations 20052005-17
Adoption Variation Regulations 20052005-81
Adoption Variation Regulations 20052005-186
Adoption Variation Regulations 20082008-14
Advance Care Directives (Interstate Advance Care Directives and Corresponding Laws) Variation Regulations 20182018-223
Advance Care Directives Regulations 20142014-77
Advance Care Directives Variation Regulations 20152015-15
Advance Care Directives Variation Regulations 20152015-50
Advance Care Directives Variation Regulations 20152015-46
Advance Care Directives Variation Regulations 20192019-186
Advance Care Directive Variation Regulations 20162016-223
Ageing and Adult Safeguarding Regulations 20192019-159
Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Regulations 20042004-182
Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Regulations 20172017-281
Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Variation Regulations 20132013-232
Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Variation Regulations 20142014-76
Air Transport (Route Licensing—Passenger Services) Regulations 20142014-223
Air Transport (Route Licensing—Passenger Services) (Simplify) Variation Regulations 20172017-241
Ambulance Services (Elections) Regulations 20062006-29
Ambulance Services (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-103
Ambulance Services (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-111
Ambulance Services (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-115
Ambulance Services (SA Ambulance Service Inc Rules) Regulations 20062006-28
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Regulations 20102010-13
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Variation Regulations 20142014-200
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Variation Regulations 20192019-204
Animal Welfare (Dehorning of Cattle) Variation Regulations 20172017-23
Animal Welfare (Electrical Devices and Animal Ethics Committee) Variation Regulations 20172017-215
Animal Welfare (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-192
Animal Welfare (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-120
Animal Welfare (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-73
Animal Welfare (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-93
Animal Welfare (No. 2) Variation Regulations 20152015-213
Animal Welfare Regulations 20122012-187
Animal Welfare (Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals) Variation Regulations 20172017-7
Animal Welfare Variation Regulations 20092009-218
Animal Welfare Variation Regulations 20152015-198
Animal Welfare Variation Regulations 20162016-282
Aquaculture (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-175
Aquaculture (Fees 2018) Variation Regulations 20172017-302
Aquaculture (Fees No 2) Variation Regulations 20122012-181
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20032003-226
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-140
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-123
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-238
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-172
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-169
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-191
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-184
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-57
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-85
Aquaculture (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-55
Aquaculture (Oyster) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-185
Aquaculture (Oyster) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-168
Aquaculture Regulations 20052005-205
Aquaculture Regulations 20162016-180
Aquaculture (Simplify No 2) Variation Regulations 20172017-219
Aquaculture (Simplify) Variation Regulations 20172017-87
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20052005-35
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20062006-11
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20082008-286
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20092009-54
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20102010-205
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20102010-214
Aquaculture Variation Regulations 20122012-217
Architectural Practice (Election) Regulations 20102010-171
Architectural Practice (General) Regulations 20102010-221
Architectural Practice (General) (SACAT) Variation Regulations 20202020-14
Architectural Practice (General) Variation Regulations 20132013-166
Art Gallery Regulations 20172017-250
Art Gallery Variation Regulations 20112011-36
ASER (Restructure) Regulations 20132013-219
Assisted Reproductive Treatment Regulations 20102010-166
Associations Incorporation (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-91
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-153
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-101
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-104
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-91
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-137
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-125
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-97
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-86
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-151
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-142
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-111
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-126
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-137
Associations Incorporation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-74
Associations Incorporation (Miscellaneous No 2) Variation Regulations 20192019-222
Associations Incorporation (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20192019-185
Associations Incorporation (Miscellaneous) Variation Revocation Regulations 20192019-198
Associations Incorporation Regulations 20082008-226
Associations Incorporation Variation Regulations 20032003-76
Associations Incorporation Variation Regulations 20042004-73
Associations Incorporation Variation Regulations 20052005-108
Associations Incorporation Variation Regulations 20072007-231
Associations Incorporation Variation Regulations 20092009-12
Associations Incorporation Variation Regulations 20102010-271
Australian Crime Commission (South Australia) Regulations 20042004-152
Australian Crime Commission (South Australia) (Transitional) Regulations 20042004-153
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment (Australian Energy Market Operator) Variation Regulations 20092009-190
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment (Confidentiality) Variation Regulations 20192019-245
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment (Consumer Advocacy Panel) Variation Regulations 20132013-291
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment Regulations 20052005-151
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment Regulations 20202020-254
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment (Variation) Regulations 20082008-202
Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment Variation Regulations 20142014-286
Australian Road Rules2014-205
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20042004-232
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20072007-66
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20082008-261
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20082008-18
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20102010-232
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20102010-33
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20112011-187
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20112011-6
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20112011-2
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20142014-51
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20142014-11
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20162016-274
Australian Road Rules Variation Rules 20192019-229
Authorised Betting Operations (Budget Measures) Variation Regulations 20182018-236
Authorised Betting Operations (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-92
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Regulations 20182018-240
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Regulations 20192019-75
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Revocation Regulations 20202020-93
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-133
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-144
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-65
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-163
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-63
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-106
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-112
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-87
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-110
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-64
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-112
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-127
Authorised Betting Operations (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-138
Authorised Betting Operations (Gambling Regulation) Variation Regulations 20202020-244
Authorised Betting Operations Regulations 20162016-203
Authorised Betting Operations (Taxation) Variation Regulations 20172017-194
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20032003-137
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20042004-113
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20042004-178
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20052005-144
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20052005-83
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20092009-19
Authorised Betting Operations Variation Regulations 20142014-9
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