South Australian Legislation

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Regulations and rules made by the Governor of South Australia

In the case of principal (rather than variation) regulations or rules, the link is to the home page for the regulations or rules. If the regulations or rules have been varied, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the regulations or rules as initially made.

As made 2003+

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Carrick Hill Trust Regulations 20122012-265
Carrick Hill Trust Variation Regulations 20112011-37
Casino (Approvals) Variation Regulations 20172017-204
Casino (Budget Measures) Variation Regulations 20182018-237
Casino (Gambling Regulation) (No 1) Variation Regulations 20202020-245
Casino (Gambling Regulation) (No 2) Variation Regulations 20202020-246
Casino (Gambling Regulation) (No 3) Variation Regulations 20202020-247
Casino (Prescribed Day) Variation Regulations 20182018-246
Casino Regulations 20132013-270
Casino Variation Regulations 20132013-275
Casino Variation Regulations 20152015-173
Chicken Meat Industry (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-139
Chicken Meat Industry (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-126
Chicken Meat Industry (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-146
Chicken Meat Industry (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-141
Chicken Meat Industry Regulations 20042004-194
Children and Young People (Oversight and Advocacy Bodies) Regulations 20172017-320
Children and Young People (Safety) (Exemption from Psychological Assessment) Variation Regulations 20202020-27
Children and Young People (Safety) (Miscellaneous No 2) Variation Regulations 20182018-222
Children and Young People (Safety) (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20182018-218
Children and Young People (Safety) Regulations 20172017-353
Children and Young People (Safety) (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 20172017-355
Children and Young People (Safety) Variation Regulations 20182018-45
Children and Young People (Safety) Variation Regulations 20202020-72
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-85
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-131
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-195
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-63
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-61
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-116
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-112
Children's Protection (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-232
Children's Protection Regulations 20062006-12
Children's Protection Regulations 20102010-176
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20062006-270
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20142014-283
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20142014-61
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20152015-251
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20162016-269
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20162016-170
Children's Protection Variation Regulations 20182018-219
Children's Services (Appeals) Regulations 20082008-235
Children's Services (Baby Sitting Agencies) Variation Regulations 20032003-48
Children's Services (Membership of Committees) Variation Regulations 20032003-188
Children's Services (Registered Children's Services Centres) Regulations 20032003-186
Children's Services (Registered Children's Services Centres) Regulations 20182018-72
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) (Exemption) Variation Regulations 20202020-36
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) (Fees) Regulations 20192019-183
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) (Fees) Revocation Regulations 20202020-155
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Regulations 20192019-5
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Variation Regulations 20192019-182
Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Variation Regulations 20202020-73
Child Sex Offenders Registration Regulations 20072007-242
Child Sex Offenders Registration Variation Regulations 20142014-218
Child Sex Offenders Registration Variation Regulations 20142014-186
Chiropodists (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-46
Chiropodists Regulations 20042004-180
Chiropodists Variation Regulations 20032003-22
Chiropodists Variation Regulations 20042004-12
Chiropractic and Osteopathy Practice (Election) Regulations 20062006-48
Chiropractic and Osteopathy Practice (General) Regulations 20062006-195
Citrus Industry Regulations 20052005-222
City of Adelaide (Elections and Polls) Regulations 20102010-195
City of Adelaide (Elections and Polls) Variation Regulations 20052005-249
City of Adelaide (Members Allowances and Benefits) Regulations 20102010-223
City of Adelaide (Members Allowances and Benefits) Variation Regulations 20032003-24
City of Adelaide (Members Allowances and Benefits) Variation Regulations 20052005-24
Civil Liability Regulations 20072007-52
Civil Liability Regulations 20132013-165
Civil Liability Variation Regulations 20142014-58
Civil Liability Variation Regulations 20152015-206
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Regulations 20112011-46
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Variation Regulations 20112011-221
Coast Protection Regulations 20152015-60
Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) (Modification of State Taxing Laws) Regulations 20142014-215
Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Regulations 20142014-35
Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) (Transitional Provisions) Variation Regulations 20152015-191
Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Variation Regulations 20152015-16
Community Titles (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-143
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-119
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-87
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-73
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-167
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-123
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-134
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-135
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-107
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-163
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-42
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-138
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-157
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-62
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-61
Community Titles (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-41
Community Titles (Pre-sold Lots) Variation Regulations 20132013-243
Community Titles Regulations 20112011-202
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20032003-71
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20032003-14
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20042004-45
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20052005-118
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20052005-12
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20092009-67
Community Titles Variation Regulations 20132013-182
Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Regulations 20042004-122
Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Regulations 20142014-78
Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Variation Regulations 20152015-51
Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Variation Regulations 20152015-17
Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Variation Regulations 20152015-47
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Regulations 20032003-179
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Regulations 20182018-205
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Variation Regulations 20032003-20
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Variation Regulations 20062006-35
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Variation Regulations 20072007-305
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Variation Regulations 20132013-245
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Variation Regulations 20172017-41
Construction Industry Training Fund (Board) Variation Regulations 20192019-161
Construction Industry Training Fund (Exemptions) Variation Regulations 20172017-19
Construction Industry Training Fund Regulations 20082008-162
Consumer Transactions (No 2) Variation Regulations 20032003-21
Consumer Transactions (No. 2) Variation Regulations 20062006-30
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) (Expiation Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-181
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20172017-304
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) (N-Ethylpentylone) Variation Regulations 20192019-226
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) (Phenibut) Variation Regulations 20182018-191
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) Regulations 20142014-236
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) (Synthetic Cannabis) Variation Regulations 20122012-177
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) (Synthetic Controlled Drugs) Variation Regulations 20132013-233
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) Variation Regulations 20152015-187
Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) Variation Regulations 20152015-243
Controlled Substances (Exemptions) Regulations 20042004-177
Controlled Substances (Expiation of Simple Cannabis Offences) Variation Regulations 20062006-231
Controlled Substances (Fees) Regulations 20172017-252
Controlled Substances (Fees) Regulations 20182018-78
Controlled Substances (Fees) Regulations 20192019-72
Controlled Substances (Fees) Revocation Regulations 20202020-160
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20082008-278
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20082008-276
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20092009-213
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20092009-236
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20102010-40
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20112011-164
Controlled Substances (General) Variation Regulations 20112011-141
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-75
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-148
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-118
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-113
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-72
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-55
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-62
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-150
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-93
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-112
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-164
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-99
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (Licence Fee) Variation Regulations 20122012-158
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) Regulations 20032003-175
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) Regulations 20172017-251
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) (SACAT) Variation Regulations 20202020-16
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) Variation Regulations 20042004-78
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) Variation Regulations 20052005-47
Controlled Substances (Pesticides) Variation Regulations 20102010-39
Controlled Substances (Pesticide) Variation Regulations 20032003-105
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Electronic Prescriptions) Variation Regulations 20202020-209
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Emergency Supplies) Variation Regulations 20202020-1
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-74
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-147
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-117
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-112
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-71
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Nitrous Oxide) Variation Regulations 20192019-246
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (No 2) Variation Regulations 20172017-319
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Packaging and Labelling) Variation Regulations 20192019-31
Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Precursors) Variation Regulations 20172017-317
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations 20112011-140
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20032003-104
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20042004-77
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20052005-132
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20052005-46
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20062006-6
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20072007-5
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20072007-65
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20072007-13
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20072007-19
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20072007-243
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20072007-265
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20082008-46
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20092009-212
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20092009-39
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20092009-235
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20102010-38
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20132013-179
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20162016-17
Controlled Substances (Poisons) Variation Regulations 20172017-14
Controlled Substances (Poppy Cultivation) (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-161
Controlled Substances (Poppy Cultivation) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-102
Controlled Substances (Poppy Cultivation) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-127
Controlled Substances (Poppy Cultivation) Regulations 20162016-215
Controlled Substances (Prohibited Substances) Variation Regulations 20032003-36
Controlled Substances (Prohibited Substances) Variation Regulations 20072007-264
Controlled Substances (Volatile Solvents) Variation Regulations 20082008-29
Conveyancers (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-97
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-124
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-135
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-57
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-156
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-49
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-73
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-105
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-90
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-112
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-66
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-116
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-131
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-142
Conveyancers (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-79
Conveyancers Regulations 20102010-185
Conveyancers (SACAT) Variation Regulations 20182018-179
Conveyancers (Simplify) Variation Regulations 20172017-89
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20032003-91
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20032003-203
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20042004-63
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20042004-163
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20052005-77
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20082008-207
Conveyancers Variation Regulations 20152015-224
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-156
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-104
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-107
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-94
Co‑operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-138
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-126
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-98
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-91
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-154
Co-operatives (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-132
Co-operatives Regulations 20122012-189
Co-operatives (South Australia) (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-98
Co-operatives (South Australia) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-117
Co-operatives (South Australia) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-143
Co-operatives (South Australia) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-80
Co-operatives (South Australia) Regulations 20152015-45
Co-operatives (South Australia) (SACAT) Variation Regulations 20182018-12
Co-operatives Variation Regulations 20032003-149
Co-operatives Variation Regulations 20032003-78
Co-operatives Variation Regulations 20042004-75
Co-operatives Variation Regulations 20052005-246
Co-operatives Variation Regulations 20052005-111
Coroners (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-99
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-149
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-100
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-82
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-99
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-135
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-149
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-148
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-122
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-123
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-78
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-153
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-160
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-88
Coroners (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-103
Coroners Regulations 20052005-148
Coroners Regulations 20202020-227
Coroners Variation Regulations 20052005-268
Corporations (Ancillary Provisions) Regulations 20162016-199
Correctional Services (Corresponding Law) (Variation) Regulations 20202020-21
Correctional Services (Drug and Alcohol Testing) Variation Regulations 20202020-40
Correctional Services Regulations 20162016-212
Correctional Services (Terror Suspects) Variation Regulations 20192019-212
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20052005-239
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20072007-267
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20072007-259
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20092009-17
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20102010-253
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20122012-193
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20122012-29
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20132013-19
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20152015-215
Correctional Services Variation Regulations 20182018-38
Cost of Living Concessions (COVID-19 JobSeeker Household Payment) Variation Regulations 20202020-43
Cost of Living Concessions (Indexation) Variation Regulations 20172017-74
Cost of Living Concessions Regulations 20202020-268
Country Fires Regulations 20042004-189
Country Fires Variation Regulations 20032003-247
Courts Administration Regulations 20082008-227
Courts Administration Variation Regulations 20092009-249
Courts Administration Variation Regulations 20172017-42
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases No 2) Regulations 20202020-60
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Commercial Leases) Regulations 20202020-46
COVID-19 Emergency Response (General) Regulations 20202020-253
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Schedule 1) Regulations 20202020-45
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 14) (No 1) Variation Regulations 20202020-70
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 14) (No 2) Variation Regulations 20202020-225
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 14) (No 3) Variation Regulations 20202020-243
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 14) Regulations 20202020-62
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 16) (No 1) Variation Regulations 20202020-226
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 16) Regulations 20202020-47
COVID-19 Emergency Response (Section 17) Regulations 20202020-48
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-157
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-105
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-108
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-95
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-141
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-129
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-101
Cremation (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-92
Cremation Revocation Regulations 20142014-7
Cremation Variation Regulations 20032003-92
Cremation Variation Regulations 20042004-64
Cremation Variation Regulations 20052005-116
Cremation Variation Regulations 20062006-193
Criminal Assets Confiscation (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20182018-44
Criminal Assets Confiscation Regulations 20062006-31
Criminal Assets Confiscation Variation Regulations 20072007-292
Criminal Injuries Compensation (Scale of Costs) Variation Regulations 20162016-224
Criminal Injuries Compensation Variation Regulations 20162016-191
Criminal Investigation (Covert Operations) Regulations 20142014-212
Criminal Investigation (Extraterritorial Offences) Regulations 20102010-193
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-110
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-146
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-83
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-89
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-114
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-108
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-97
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-71
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-182
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-130
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-107
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20202020-100
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Regulations 20072007-294
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Variation Regulations 20102010-208
Criminal Law (Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles) Variation Regulations 20192019-30
Criminal Law Consolidation (Criminal Organisations) (Premises in Para Hills) Variation Regulations 20172017-207
Criminal Law Consolidation (Criminal Organisations) (Premises in Para Hills West) Variation Regulations 20202020-266
Criminal Law Consolidation (Criminal Organisations) (Premises in Salisbury South) Variation Regulations 20172017-208
Criminal Law Consolidation (Criminal Organisations) Regulations 20152015--
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) (Child Exploitation Material) Variation Regulations 20192019-224
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) (Explosive Substances) Variation Regulations 20182018-16
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) (False or Misleading Information) Variation Regulations 20202020-205
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) (Prescribed Occupations and Employment) Variation Regulations 20192019-217
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) (Relevant Industry Regulatory Authority) Variation Regulations 20202020-2
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) (Surrendered Items) Variation Regulations 20172017-348
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20072007-314
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20112011-195
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20132013-24
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20132013-17
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20162016-21
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20172017-321
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20182018-26
Criminal Law Consolidation (General) Variation Regulations 20182018-22
Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Regulations 20112011-206
Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Variation Regulations 20042004-143
Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Variation Regulations 20052005-235
Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Variation Regulations 20082008-197
Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Variation Regulations 20192019-165
Criminal Law Consolidation (Section 32A Prescribed Objects) Regulations 20062006-223
Criminal Law Consolidation (Section 32A Prescribed Objects) Variation Regulations 20072007-16
Criminal Law Consolidation (Witness Payment) Regulations 20042004-179
Criminal Law Consolidation (Witness Payment) Revocation Regulations 20172017-324
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) (Blood Testing for Diseases) Variation Regulations 20162016-281
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) (Prescribed Authority) Variation Regulations 20172017-290
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Regulations 20072007-58
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Variation Regulations 20032003-46
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Variation Regulations 20032003-199
Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Variation Regulations 20042004-6
Criminal Law (High Risk Offenders) Regulations 20152015-231
Criminal Law (High Risk Offenders) (Terror Suspects) Variation Regulations 20192019-213
Criminal Law (High Risk Offenders) Variation Regulations 20182018-39
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-147
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-98
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-83
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-100
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-133
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-147
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-146
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-120
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-6
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-155
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-145
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-118
Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-133
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Regulations 20142014-28
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20032003-80
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20042004-247
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20042004-53
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20052005-106
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20102010-207
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20132013-16
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20142014-261
Criminal Law (Sentencing) Variation Regulations 20172017-323
Criminal Procedure (General) (Costs) Variation Regulations 20182018-250
Criminal Procedure (General) Regulations 20172017-322
Cross-border Justice (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20172017-201
Cross-border Justice Regulations 20092009-253
Cross-border Justice (Young Offenders Act) Variation Regulations 20162016-278
Crown Land Management (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-194
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-86
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-64
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-68
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-61
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-167
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-123
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-87
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-169
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-120
Crown Land Management (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-112
Crown Land Management Regulations 20102010-19
Crown Lands (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-76
Crown Lands (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-150
Crown Lands (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-126
Crown Lands (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-115
Crown Lands Variation Regulations 20032003-111
Crown Lands Variation Regulations 20042004-90
Crown Lands Variation Regulations 20052005-64
Crown Proceedings Regulations 20082008-237
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