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A-Z Policies made under the Aquaculture Act 2001 (SA) or the Environment Protection Act 1993 (SA)

Aquaculture policies made after 1.1.2005 and environment protection policies are subject to a program of consolidation (ie incorporation of amendments).

Browse current and historical versions (including revoked versions) with legislative index information.

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Aquaculture Aquatic Organism Translocation Policy—ceased
Aquaculture Cost Recovery Policy—ceased
Aquaculture Cost Recovery Revocation Policy 2011
Aquaculture Environmental Management Framework Policy—ceased
Aquaculture Leasing and Licensing Policy—ceased
Aquaculture Resource Management Framework and Ecologically Sustainable Development Policy—ceased
Aquaculture Revocation Policy 2010
Aquaculture (Standard Lease Conditions) Policy 2005—ceased
Aquaculture Tenure Allocation Policy—ceased
Aquaculture Zone Policy for Lacepede Bay—ceased
Aquaculture (Zones—Anxious Bay) Policy 2007
Aquaculture (Zones—Arno Bay) Policy 2011
Aquaculture (Zones—Cape D'Estrees) Policy 2006
Aquaculture (Zones—Coffin Bay) Policy 2008
Aquaculture (Zones—Eastern Spencer Gulf) Policy 2005
Aquaculture (Zones—Fitzgerald Bay) Policy 2008
Aquaculture (Zones—Lacepede Bay) Policy 2012
Aquaculture (Zones—Lower Eyre Peninsula No 2) Policy 2007—ceased
Aquaculture (Zones—Lower Eyre Peninsula) Policy 2007—ceased
Aquaculture (Zones—Lower Eyre Peninsula) Policy 2013
Aquaculture (Zones—Port Neill) Policy 2008
Aquaculture (Zones—Smoky Bay) Policy 2007
Aquaculture (Zones—Streaky Bay) Policy 2011
Aquaculture (Zones—Tumby Bay) Policy 2015
Aquatic Animal Disease Emergency Response Manual—ceased
Aquatic Animal Health Policy—ceased
Arno Bay Aquaculture Management Policy—ceased
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National environment protection measures that automatically became environment protection policies under section 28A of the Environment Protection Act 1993 (SA) before that section was repealed are not listed.

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