Responsible Minister

Attorney-General: Gazette 28.2.2013 p582

Minister for the Public Sector: Gazette 21.10.2011 p4289

Minister for Public Sector Management: Gazette 8.2.2011 p379

Minister Assisting the Premier in Public Sector Management: Gazette 25.3.2010 p1155

Minister Assisting the Premier in Cabinet Business and Public Sector Management: Gazette 24.7.2008 p3466

Minister for Finance: Gazette 5.4.2007 p1135

Minister for Government Enterprises: Gazette 14.12.2006 p4365

Minister for Administrative Services and Government Enterprises: Gazette 23.3.2006 p955

Administrative Services: Gazette 5.3.2002 p1141

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(13 December 1998 - 31 January 2010, Authorised)
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(31 October 1997 - 12 December 1998)
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The legislative history at the back of the Act provides detail about the past and future operation of the Act.

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Subordinate Legislation

Notices 1976+
Act (Fees)Gazette 4.6.2020 p3279
Act (Fees)Gazette 3.6.2021 p2118
Act (Fees)Gazette 9.6.2022 p1433