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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Declarations and Directions

Page last updated: 08.10.2021

This page provides access to declarations and directions made under the Emergency Management Act 2004 and South Australian Public Health Act 2011 that relate to the 2020-2021 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

In Force declarations and directions can be accessed using below Table 1. Superseded and Ceased declarations and directions have been organised by subject area and can be accessed using the links provided in below Table 2.

Table 1: IN FORCE Declarations and Directions Under the Emergency Management Act 2004

Effective FromTitlePDF
18/09/2021Extension of Major Emergency Declaration 0.
22/3/2020Appointment of Assistant State Co-Ordinator 1.
28/3/2020Emergency Management (COVID-19)(Isolation Following Diagnosis or Close Contact) Direction 2020 2.
16/03/2021Emergency Management (Prohibition of Certain Point of Care Tests No 2)(COVID-19) Direction 2020 4.
9/07/2021Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel-General No 2)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 5.
08/10/2021Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel- Associated Direction No 57)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 6.
21/07/2021Emergency Management (Activities-General No 3)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 9.
6/10/2021Emergency Management (Activities-Associated Direction No 15)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 10.
26/07/2021Emergency Management (COVID-19)(Exposure Site Requirements No 2) Direction 2021 11.
26/07/2021Emergency Management (Reporting on COVID-19 Testing No 3) Direction 2021 12.
20/08/2021Emergency Management (Residential Aged Care Facilities No 41)(COVID-29) Direction 2021 13.
17/09/2021Emergency Management (Supervised Quarantine No 11)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 14.
7/10/2021Emergency Management (Healthcare Setting Workers Vaccination)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 15.
8/10/2021Emergency Management (Revocation of Activities-Associated Direction No 14A)(COVID-19) Direction 2021 16.

Table 2: SUPERSEDED and CEASED Declarations and Directions Under the Emergency Management Act 2004 and South Australian Public Health Act 2011

Subject Area (click links to view associated declarations and directions)
Superseded Declarations of Major Emergency Under the Emergency Management Act 2004
Ceased Declarations and Directions under the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 (various)
Ceased 'Cross Border Travel' Directions (includes Cross Border and Cross Border Associated)
Ceased 'Residential Aged Care Facility' Directions
Ceased 'Stay at Home' Directions
Ceased 'Quarantine, Cluster and Testing' Directions
Ceased 'Gatherings & Public Activities' Directions
Ceased 'Non-Essential Business and Other Activities' Directions
Ceased 'Appropriate Surgery' Directions

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