Legislation accessed on this site will be in one of two formats:

As made legislation (also called numbered legislation) is legislation as it was originally made by Parliament or the Governor of South Australia.

In many cases - particularly if a piece of legislation only exists to amend another piece of legislation - the As made version will be the only version created.

You can browse As made legislation alphabetically (all years after 2002) or by the year in which it was made - see the 'As made' tab for Acts, Regulations, Policies or Proclamations.


When browsing As made regulations and Acts you will see a year accompanied by a number.

This information reflects the year in which the numbered Act or regulation was made, and the order in which the legislation was made within that year.

For example, if you browse for the Supply Act 2021 you will see it includes the numbers 2021-20.

This indicates this Act was the 20th Act made in the year 2021 (these numbers are the reason why As made legislation is sometimes called numbered legislation).

Search results for as made legislation on this site are tagged As made.

As made proclamations and notices include a reference to the edition of the SA Government Gazette in which they were published instead of a calendar year and number.

This reference will consist of the date on which that edition of the Gazette was published and the page within that edition on which the proclamation or notice can be found.

When provisions in a piece of legislation are changed ('amended') those amendments are made by another, separate piece of legislation.

A consolidated version of a piece of legislation reflects all amendments made to a piece of legislation as at a particular date.

You can search consolidated legislation alphabetically or by the year in which it was made - see the A-Z tabs for Acts, Regulations, Policies and Proclamations.

A new consolidated version is prepared whenever an amendment is made, and each new consolidated version includes all amendments from previous versions (unless those amendments were removed by a subsequent amendment).

Search results for consolidated versions of legislation that have been replaced by a newer consolidated version are tagged 'historical' and show the date range for which they reflect amendments to the legislation.

Index information

Legislative index information (index information) is added to each consolidated version of a piece of legislation and provides information about:

  • the legislation's making
  • commencement
  • operation
  • amendment or cessation.

It also includes similar information for any legislative instruments (subordinate legislation) under the legislation.

Search results for consolidated legislation on this site are tagged 'A-Z'.

See About this Website for information about the different versions of consolidated legislation that are created.