As made (numbered) South Australian Acts from 1837 to 2002 are accessible from this page. See Acts for as made Acts made after 2002 or current consolidated Acts.

Select a decade to see lists of Acts made in each year within that decade. For example, if you were looking for an Act made in 1905 you would select the decade 1901 to 1910 and then browse the list labeled 1905.

The number and year in an Act's name reflect the year and order in which it was made. For example, "No 22 of 2000" means that Act was the 22nd Act made by the South Australian Parliament in the year 2000. Act numbering generally restarts from 1 at the beginning of each calendar year but Parliament's conventions have varied over time. There are several periods where Act numbering spanned two years and Act numbering was continuous from 1875 to 1938.

The PDFs available from this page were provided by the Australasian Legal Information Institute.