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As made Acts are in the form in which they were initially made (amendments are not incorporated). See As made (numbered) legislation for more.

In the case of principal Acts, the link is to the home page for the Act. If the Act has been varied, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the Act as initially made.

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Title Number
Parliamentary Committees (Membership of Committees) Amendment Act 2010 2010-1
Credit (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2010 2010-2
Credit (Transitional Arrangements) Act 2010 2010-3
Payroll Tax (Nexus) Amendment Act 2010 2010-4
Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (South Australia) Act 2010 2010-5
Supply Act 2010 2010-6
Land Tax (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-7
Statutes Amendment (Surrogacy) Amendment Act 2010 2010-8
Mental Health (Repeal of Harbouring Offence) Amendment Act 2010 2010-9
Railways (Operations and Access) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-10
Statutes Amendment (Electricity and Gas—Price Determination Periods) Act 2010 2010-11
Trustee Companies (Commonwealth Regulation) Amendment Act 2010 2010-12
Trustee (Charitable Trusts) Amendment Act 2010 2010-13
Motor Vehicles (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-14
Statutes Amendment (Members' Benefits) Act 2010 2010-15
Professional Standards (Mutual Recognition) Amendment Act 2010 2010-16
Controlled Substances (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-17
Statutes Amendment (Driving Offences) Act 2010 2010-18
Statutes Amendment (Arts Agencies Governance and Other Matters) Act 2010 2010-19
Appropriation Act 2010 2010-20
Mining (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-21
Statutes Amendment (Budget 2010) Act 2010 2010-22
Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Australian Consumer Law) Act 2010 2010-23
Marine Parks (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Amendment Act 2010 2010-24
Recreation Grounds (Regulations) (Penalties) Amendment Act 2010 2010-25
Road Traffic (Use of Test and Analysis Results) Amendment Act 2010 2010-26
Prince Alfred College Incorporation (Variation of Constitution) Amendment Act 2010 2010-27
Gaming Machines (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2010 2010-28

Search legislation titles by year