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Bagot's Executor Company Act 1910  - Ceased  - Act of limited application
Bail Act 1985
Bakehouses Registration Act 1945  - Ceased
Balhannah and Mount Pleasant Railway (Discontinuance) Act 1963  - Act of limited application
Ballot Act 1862
Bank Merger (BankSA and Advance Bank) Act 1996
Bank Merger (National/BNZ) Act 1997  - Ceased
Bank Mergers (South Australia) Act 1997
The Bank of Adelaide Act 1865  - Act of limited application
The Bank of Adelaide (Merger) Act 1980  - Act of limited application
The Bank of Adelaide's Registration under the Companies Act 1892 Act 1928  - Act of limited application
Barley Exporting Act 2007  - Ceased
Barley Marketing Act 1947  - Ceased
Barley Marketing Act 1993  - Ceased
Barunga Gap Railway Act 1877  - Act of limited application
Beef Industry Assistance Act 1975  - Ceased
Benefit Associations Act 1958
Beverage Container Act 1975  - Ceased
Bills of Sale Act 1886
Biological Control Act 1986
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1967  - Ceased
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996
Blood Contaminants Act 1985
Blyth to Gladstone Railway Act 1891  - Act of limited application
Boating Act 1974  - Ceased
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act 1968  - Ceased
Book Purchasers Protection Act 1963  - Ceased
Book Purchasers Protection Act Repeal Act 1979
Botanic Garden Act 1935  - Ceased
Botanic Gardens Act 1978
Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium Act 1978
Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000
Brachina to Leigh Creek North Coalfield Railway Agreement Act 1950  - Act of limited application
Branch from Sandergrove to Milang Railway (Discontinuance) Act 1970  - Act of limited application
Branding of Pigs Act 1964  - Ceased
Brands Act 1933  - Ceased
Bread Act 1954  - Ceased
Brighton to Christie Downs Railway Duplication and Extension Act 1974  - Act of limited application
The Brinkworth to Port Broughton Railway Act 1910  - Act of limited application
Broadening of Gauge (Brinkworth to Gladstone) Act 1925  - Act of limited application
Broadening of Gauge (South-Eastern Railways) Act 1944  - Act of limited application
The Broken Hill Proprietary Company, Limited's Hummock Hill to Iron Knob Tramways and Jetties Act 1900  - Act of limited application
Broken Hill Proprietary Company's Indenture Act 1937
Broken Hill Proprietary Company's Steel Works Indenture Act 1958
Budget Measures Act 2014
Builders Licensing Act 1967  - Ceased
Builders Licensing Act 1986  - Ceased
Building Act 1971  - Ceased
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009
Building Contracts (Deposits) Act 1953  - Ceased
Building Societies Act 1975  - Ceased
Building Societies Act 1990  - Ceased
Building Work Contractors Act 1995
Bulk Handling of Grain Act 1955  - Ceased
Bulk Handling of Grain Act Repeal Act 1998
Bumbunga to Lochiel Railway Act 1923  - Act of limited application
Burial and Cremation Act 2013
Burra and Hallett Railway Act 1876  - Act of limited application
Bus and Tramways Act 1935  - Ceased
Bush Fires Act 1960  - Ceased
Business Franchise (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1975  - Act of limited application
Business Franchise (Petroleum Products) Act 1979  - Ceased
Business Franchise (Tobacco) Act 1974  - Ceased
Business Names Act 1963  - Ceased
Business Names Act 1996  - Ceased
Business Names (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2012
Business Names Registration (Transitional Arrangements) Act 2012

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