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Divisional Penalties

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Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017
Lady Kintore Cottages Act 1920
Lake Eyre Basin (Intergovernmental Agreement) Act 2001
Land Acquisition Act 1969
Land Agents Act 1994
Land Agents, Brokers and Valuers Act 1973  - Ceased
Land and Business Agents Act 1973  - Ceased
Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994
Land Commission Act 1973  - Ceased
Landlord and Tenant Act 1936
Landlord and Tenant (Control of Rents) Act 1942  - Act of limited application
Landscape South Australia Act 2019
Land Settlement Act 1944  - Ceased
Land Settlement Act Repeal Act 1982
Land Settlement (Development Leases) Act 1949  - Ceased
Lands for Public Purposes Acquisition Act 1914
Land Tax Act 1936
Land Valuers Act 1994
Largs Bay Railway Act 1882  - Act of limited application
Late Payment of Government Debts (Interest) Act 2013
The Laura to Booleroo Centre Railway Act 1907  - Act of limited application
Law Courts (Maintenance of Order) Act 1928  - Ceased
Law of Property Act 1936
Law Reform (Contributory Negligence and Apportionment of Liability) Act 2001
Law Reform (Delay in Resolution of Personal Injury Claims) Act 2002
Law Reform (Ipp Recommendations) Act 2004
Legal Assistance (Restrained Property) Amendment Act 2001
Legal Practitioners Act 1936  - Ceased
Legal Practitioners Act 1981
Legal Services Commission Act 1977
Legislation (Fees) Act 2019
Legislation Interpretation Act 2021
Legislation Revision and Publication Act 2002
Legislative Council Vacancy Act 1943  - Act of limited application
Legislative Instruments Act 1978
Leigh Creek North Coalfield to Marree Railway Agreement Act 1954  - Act of limited application
Leigh Trust Incorporation Act 1929  - Act of limited application
Levi Park Act 1948  - Ceased
Libraries Act 1982
Libraries and Institutes Act 1939  - Ceased
Libraries (Subsidies) Act 1955  - Ceased
Licensing Act 1967  - Ceased
Liens on Fruit Act 1923  - Ceased
Life Assurance Companies Act 1936  - Act of limited application
Lifts and Cranes Act 1960  - Ceased
Lifts and Cranes Act 1985  - Ceased
Limitation of Actions Act 1936
Linear Parks Act 2006
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act 1960  - Ceased
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Subsidy Act 1980  - Act of limited application
Liquor Licensing Act 1985  - Ceased
Liquor Licensing Act 1997
Listening and Surveillance Devices Act 1972  - Ceased
Listening Devices Act 1972  - Ceased
Little Sisters of the Poor (Testamentary Dispositions) Act 1986
The Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company's Act 1879  - Act of limited application
Livestock Act 1997
Livestock (War Service Land Settlement) Act 1947  - Ceased
Loan Money Appropriation (Working Accounts) Act 1956  - Act of limited application
Loans for Fencing and Water Piping Act 1938  - Ceased
Loans for Water Conservation Act 1948  - Ceased
Loans to Producers Act 1927  - Ceased
Lobbyists Act 2015
Local and District Criminal Courts Act 1926  - Ceased
Local Electricity Undertakings (Securities for Loans) Act 1950  - Ceased  - Act of limited application
Local Government Act 1934  - Ceased
Local Government Act 1999
Local Government (City of Enfield Loan) Act 1953  - Act of limited application
Local Government (City of Woodville West Lakes Loan) Act 1970  - Act of limited application
Local Government (Elections) Act 1999
Local Government Finance Authority Act 1983
Local Government (Forestry Reserves) Act 1944
Local Government (Implementation) Act 1999
Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016
Local Public Abattoirs Act 1911  - Ceased
Local Public Abattoirs Act Repeal Act 1988  - Act of limited application
Long Service Leave Act 1967  - Ceased
Long Service Leave Act 1987
Long Service Leave (Building Industry) Act 1976  - Ceased
Long Service Leave (Building Industry) Act 1987
Lotteries Act 2019
Lottery and Gaming Act 1936
Lower River Broughton Irrigation Trust Act 1938  - Ceased
The Loxton District Hospital Purposes Act 1927  - Act of limited application

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