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Regulations and rules made by the Governor of South Australia

In the case of principal (rather than variation) regulations or rules, the link is to the home page for the regulations or rules. If the regulations or rules have been varied, the oldest historical version displayed on the home page will contain the content of the regulations or rules as initially made.

As made 2003+

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Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-146
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-110
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-110
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-127
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-136
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-131
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-146
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-119
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-134
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-144
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-147
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20202020-131
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Light Vehicle Standards Rules) Variation Regulations 20182018-9
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (Package Marking and Labelling) Variation Regulations 20192019-169
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Regulations 20082008-300
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) (SACAT) Variation Regulations 20202020-17
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Variation Regulations 20132013-307
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Variation Regulations 20152015-11
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Variation Regulations 20162016-254
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Variation Regulations 20182018-30
Dangerous Substances (Dangerous Goods Transport) Variation Regulations 20192019-48
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Regulations 20172017-259
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Regulations 20182018-145
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Regulations 20192019-146
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Revocation Regulations 20202020-132
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-91
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-112
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-97
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-145
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-109
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-109
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-126
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-135
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-132
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-147
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-120
Dangerous Substances (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-135
Dangerous Substances (General) Regulations 20172017-258
Dangerous Substances (Security Sensitive Substances) Variation Regulations 20062006-13
Dangerous Substances Variation Regulations 20032003-128
Dangerous Substances Variation Regulations 20042004-111
Dangerous Substances Variation Regulations 20052005-87
Dangerous Substances Variation Regulations 20132013-281
Dangerous Substances Variation Regulations 20152015-169
Daylight Saving Regulations 20032003-201
Daylight Saving Regulations 20042004-158
Daylight Saving Regulations 20052005-156
Daylight Saving Regulations 20062006-222
Daylight Saving Regulations 20072007-200
Daylight Saving Regulations 20082008-241
Daylight Saving Regulations 20092009-61
Dental Practice (Election) Regulations 20072007-60
Dental Practice (General) Regulations 20032003-148
Dental Practice (General) Regulations 20072007-59
Dental Practice (General) Variation Regulations 20052005-21
Dental Practice (General) Variation Regulations 20092009-72
Development (Adelaide Park Lands) Variation Regulations 20062006-239
Development (Adoption of Codes and Standards) Variation Regulations 20092009-283
Development (Affordable Housing Stimulus Package) Variation Regulations 20132013-156
Development (Affordable Housing) Variation Regulations 20092009-31
Development (Aquaculture Development No 2) Variation Regulations 20062006-38
Development (Aquaculture Development) Variation Regulations 20062006-24
Development (Aquaculture) Variation Regulations 20092009-42
Development (Assessment of Significant Developments) Variation Regulations 20142014-226
Development (Assessment) Variation Regulations 20152015-10
Development (Assistant State Coordinator-General) Variation Regulations 20092009-248
Development (Brush Fences) Variation Regulations 20072007-277
Development (Building Cladding) Variation Regulations 20182018-36
Development (Building Rules Assessment Audits) Variation Regulations 20122012-166
Development (Building Rules Consent—Disability Access) Variation Regulations 20122012-204
Development (Building Safety) Variation Regulations 20062006-275
Development (Bushfire Areas and Referrals) Variation Regulations 20062006-241
Development (Bushfire Protection Areas) Variation Regulations 20072007-291
Development (Bushfire Protection) Variation Regulations 20092009-21
Development (Bushfire Recovery) Variation Regulations 20202020-23
Development (Capital City) Variation Regulations 20122012-19
Development (Charles Sturt Development Plan) Variation Regulations 20092009-219
Development (City of Holdfast Bay) Variation Regulations 20162016-39
Development (Commercial Forestry) Variation Regulations 20142014-190
Development (Commonwealth Nation Building Program) Variation Regulations 20092009-18
Development (Constitution of Statutory Committees) Variation Regulations 20062006-201
Development (Control of External Sound) Variation Regulations 20132013-11
Development (Cultana Training Area) Variation Regulations 20142014-183
Development (Delivery of Goods) Variation Regulations 20202020-26
Development (Designated Osborne Area) Variation Regulations 20182018-70
Development (Development Assessment Processes) Variation Regulations 20032003-190
Development (Development Plans) Variation Regulations 20072007-235
Development (Diplomatic Missions) Variation Regulations 20162016-227
Development (Disclosure of Interests) Variation Regulations 20072007-12
Development (Division of Land) Variation Regulations 20072007-210
Development (Electricity Generators) Variation Regulations 20172017-59
Development (Exclusions) Variation Regulations 20082008-307
Development (External Painting) Variation Regulations 20102010-261
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20042004-89
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20052005-41
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-79
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-136
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-79
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-106
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-116
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-93
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-113
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-104
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-84
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-106
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-113
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-166
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-135
Development (Fees) Variation Regulations 20202020-207
Development (Heated Water Services) Variation Regulations 20082008-171
Development (Horticultural Netting) Variation Regulations 20182018-31
Development (Inner Metropolitan Area Development) Variation Regulations 20132013-266
Development (Institutional (Riverbank) Zone) Variation Regulations 20112011-50
Development (Land Division) (Water and Sewerage Requirements) Variation Regulations 20122012-206
Development (Local Heritage—External Painting) Variation Regulations 20102010-18
Development (Low Impact Entertainment) Variation Regulations 20172017-3
Development (Major Developments or Projects) Variation Regulations 20062006-274
Development (Mawson Lakes) Variation Regulations 20092009-50
Development (Mining Production Tenements) Variation Regulations 20092009-247
Development (Miscellaneous No 2) Variation Regulations 20062006-40
Development (Miscellaneous No 2) Variation Regulations 20102010-245
Development (Miscellaneous No 2) Variation Regulations 20172017-301
Development (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20062006-1
Development (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20102010-206
Development (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20122012-27
Development (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20152015-178
Development (Miscellaneous) Variation Regulations 20172017-5
Development (Murals in City of Adelaide) Variation Regulations 20182018-216
Development (Nation Building Projects) Variation Regulations 20092009-34
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20072007-178
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20082008-175
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20092009-194
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20102010-163
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20112011-212
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20122012-214
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20162016-160
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20172017-192
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20182018-167
Development (Open Space Contribution Scheme) Variation Regulations 20202020-208
Development (Osborne Maritime Policy Area) Variation Regulations 20052005-149
Development (Panels) (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 20062006-255
Development (Panels) (Transitional Provisions) Revocation Regulations 20162016-261
Development (Port Adelaide Centre Zone) Variation Regulations 20042004-211
Development (Port Adelaide Regional Centre Zone) Variation Regulations 20152015-35
Development (Private Bushfire Shelters) Variation Regulations 20102010-192
Development (Private Certification) Variation Regulations 20132013-27
Development (Public Health Emergency) Variation Regulations 20202020-44
Development (Public Notification) Variation Regulations 20192019-201
Development (Railway Works) Variation Regulations 20192019-200
Development (Referrals—Commercial Forestry) Variation Regulations 20042004-128
Development (Regional Development Assessment Panels) Variation Regulations 20092009-278
Development (Regulated Trees) Variation Regulations 20112011-237
Development (Regulation of Building Work) Variation Regulations 20032003-168
Development Regulations 20082008-233
Development (Renewal of Social Housing) Variation Regulations 20152015-205
Development (Renewal of Social Housing) Variation Regulations 20162016-168
Development (Residential Code) Variation Regulations 20092009-20
Development (Residential Code) Variation Regulations 20122012-150
Development (Residential Code) Variation Regulations 20162016-273
Development (Review of Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-177
Development (Revocation of Regulation 18A) Variation Regulations 20032003-191
Development (Riverbank Footbridge) Variation Regulations 20122012-173
Development (River Murray) Variation Regulations 20032003-232
Development (River Murray) Variation Regulations 20062006-9
Development (SA Motorsport Park) Variation Regulations 20162016-28
Development (Schedule 10) Variation Regulations 20072007-219
Development (Schedule 10) Variation Regulations 20082008-212
Development (Schedule 10) Variation Regulations 20142014-63
Development (Schedule 10) Variation Regulations 20172017-249
Development (Schedule 14) Variation Regulations 20172017-188
Development (Schedule 1) Variation Regulations 20102010-23
Development (Schedule 2) Variation Regulations 20062006-70
Development (Schedule 3) Variation Regulations 20152015-218
Development (Schedule 3) Variation Regulations 20182018-10
Development (Schedule 8) Variation Regulations 20132013-28
Development (Schedule 9) Variation Regulations 20192019-219
Development (Schedule 9) Variation Regulations 20202020-42
Development (Schedules 21 and 22) Variation Regulations 20192019-59
Development (Section 37AA) Variation Regulations 20072007-268
Development (Show Grounds Zones) Variation Regulations 20062006-242
Development (Significant Trees) Variation Regulations 20032003-53
Development (Significant Trees) Variation Regulations 20082008-42
Development (Solar Panels) Variation Regulations 20192019-243
Development (Swimming Pool Safety) Variation Regulations 20082008-38
Development (Swimming Pool Safety) Variation Regulations 20132013-313
Development (Swimming Pools) Variation Regulations 20032003-245
Development (System Indicators) Variation Regulations 20052005-236
Development (System Indicators) Variation Regulations 20062006-21
Development (System Indicators) Variation Regulations 20102010-257
Development (Technical) Variation Regulations 20062006-229
Development (Tramline) Variation Regulations 20082008-275
Development (Trusses) Variation Regulations 20112011-218
Development (Universities) Variation Regulations 20142014-201
Development (Unley Development Plan) Variation Regulations 20082008-287
Development (Upgrading Underutilised Buildings) Variation Regulations 20172017-277
Development (Urban Renewal) Variation Regulations 20142014-243
Development Variation Regulations 20032003-131
Development Variation Regulations 20072007-253
Development Variation Regulations 20132013-229
Development Variation Regulations 20162016-15
Development (Waste Reform) Variation Regulations 20192019-3
Development (Water Industry) Variation Regulations 20122012-270
Director of Public Prosecutions Regulations 20142014-265
Disability Inclusion (Publication of Plans) Variation Regulations 20202020-257
Disability Inclusion Regulations 20192019-10
Disability Inclusion (Transitional Arrangements) Regulations 20182018-211
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Exemptions) Variation Regulations 20202020-37
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-156
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-196
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-90
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-70
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-117
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-233
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-113
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-62
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) Regulations 20142014-60
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) (Screening Authorisation) Variation Regulations 20172017-76
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) Variation Regulations 20162016-171
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) Variation Regulations 20162016-53
Disability Services (Assessment of Relevant History) Variation Regulations 20202020-75
Disability Services (Community Visitor Scheme) (Premises) Variation Regulations 20172017-77
Disability Services (Community Visitor Scheme) Regulations 20132013-31
District Court (Fee Notices) Variation Regulations 20202020-101
District Court (Fees) (Listing Fee) Variation Regulations 20172017-270
District Court (Fees) [No 52] Regulations 20042004-52
District Court (Fees) Regulations 20042004-208
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20032003-81
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20052005-107
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20062006-145
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20072007-96
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20082008-84
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20092009-101
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20102010-130
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20112011-144
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20122012-143
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20132013-117
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20142014-124
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20152015-74
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-149
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20162016-271
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20172017-156
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20182018-84
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20192019-99
District Court (Fees) Variation Regulations 20202020-30
District Court Regulations 20182018-33
Dog and Cat Management Regulations 20102010-26
Dog and Cat Management Regulations 20172017-30
Dog and Cat Management Variation Regulations 20042004-136
Dog Fence Variation Regulations 20032003-8
Domestic Violence Regulations 20062006-66
Dust Diseases Regulations 20062006-278
Dust Diseases Variation Regulations 20082008-26
Dust Diseases Variation Regulations 20092009-252
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